One-on-One Workshops

Looking for one-on-one attention for your artistry and business goals? Trying to figure out how to stand out and find your niche in a oversaturated market? You’ve come to the right place! Jessica teaches private workshops designed specifically around your business needs to help you find your authentic voice as a photographer so you can shine and thrive in both your business and life. She offers these workshops locally in Vancouver, BC, online for easy convenience, as well as all around the globe. These workshops can be taken as one-two day intensives that may include classroom time, a styled shoot, as well as online options depending on your needs. Once you sign up, step one is to jump on the phone/skype with Jessica to access your needs so she can design the perfect workshop for you!

Below are her most popular options for one-on-one learning.



This workshop is special because it is a full day intensive (6-8 hours with videos and material) that can take place wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a good wifi connection and a comfy place to sit (who doesn’t want to stay in PJ’s to learn how to kill it in business?!). It is designed around your needs and will include one full day of individual attention over Skype and the phone, with resources to add in the learning process such as videos, slideshows and how-tos for all you visual learners out there!

Online, Skype, Phone. Exactly where you are.


The business of being a wedding photographer

From day of scheduling, managing difficult clients, to shooting destination wedding, we cover it all. We will go over how to figure out sustainable pricing for the lifestyle you want as well as help you make realistic goals to start implementing today that will get you where you want to go. Other important topics covered are: branding help, post wedding workflow, and finding your niche. Porfolio review included!

Shooting film for weddings

Lighting, assistants, composition, film stocks, how to meter… What it’s REALLY like to shoot a full film wedding and figuring out whether it is a good fit for you (if you are considering switching) OR how to fine tune the process you already have.

How to style your own shoots

If you are looking to understand more about styling and defining your own artistic style as a photographer, this package is for you. Having this skill greatly increases you ability to take your business to the next level of wedding photography. As that old saying goes, we will ALWAYS book more of what we share. When you have a repertoire of images to share that display elegance, authenticity and high end beauty, more and more brides planning weddings of that type will be attracted to your work. These shoots will also help you attract wedding planners who will be willing to suggest you to their clients as they see strong evidence of what you’re capable of and get a better sense of your ethos.

My story

I am a firm believer in community over competition and I will share with you the whole raw story of my 7 year journey. What’s worked, what hasn’t, what I’d change and what I can’t wait to do more of. Letting you know more then anything that you have me on your team from me this moment on and YOU GOT THIS!

COST: $1250 + tax



This is a one day intensive (8+ hours) that includes both in person classroom time and a styled shoot. It can take place in one day, OR split into two days (4 hours each) classroom time typically held on the first day and the styled shoot on the second.

If you struggle with posing clients and would like more hands on learning, this is the package for you. We dive in-depth to teach you how to capture true authenticity in both real weddings and editorials. This workshop includes the same learning material as IN THE BUSINESS OF THRIVING workshop (see above for details) with the added element of face to face connection.

WHERE: In person. Either in Vancouver, Canada OR another location you are excited for. Whether that is your hometown OR your dream town (Provence, anyone?!)


All business topics listed in IN THE BUSINESS OF THRIVING (see above)

The resources provided include the same content.

Styled shoot

Designed specifically around your portfolio needs, this shoot will focus on improving the areas you need to work most on while giving you images that boost your portfolio and attract your ideal clients. This will include incredible vendors chosen to support the vision Jessica has for you. The second great element of this is the opportunity to see Jessica in action. The shoot is designed to be long enough for both you and her to shoot so you get the added benefit of seeing behind the scenes of how she gets her shots. While she shoots she explain what she is doing, why she is posing as she is, and how she chooses the best light and compositions. Past workshop attendees have said this was one of the most helpful tools for them especially if they are visual learners.

COST: $2,000-$2,500 + tax (dependant on whether wedding of lifestyle styled shoot is seen as most valuable for you)
*Jessica’s travel costs are not included in the above price if you are choosing the destination workshop but please contact us and we promise to provide the best price possible!



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