Feel lost in a sea of photographers,
struggling to define what makes you different?
Not sure if it's possible to photograph what you love
and run a successful business?

3 years ago I felt exactly the same way. 

Today my entire world looks different as a result of the tools I’ve integrated into my life and business. I'm photographing my ideal clients all over the world, working with the best vendors in the industry, but most importantly the work I create feels authentic to me. 

Ironically, the same tools have enabled me to make the best decisions in running my business and life, creating a new financial stability and a lifestyle I love. I want to share that freedom with others, so I created The Photographers Way to take YOU past stuck and into a new freedom to create and thrive.

Join us at The Photographers Way this June and discover that freedom for yourself.






We've been preparing for you for months already.  Every choice we've made for this workshop has been with you in mind.  From the biggest details of our location, to the minute by minute scheduling of our days, we could not be more thrilled to spend 3 nights and four days focused entirely on your growth. We have created an environment that will amaze and inspire you and have filled the days to the brim with specifically what we know you will need. 

Stories from those who've gone before you and carved out their own unique path. Tools that you can use every day to run your business and on every wedding or editorial you photograph.  Individual meetings with the team for feedback and a plan to continue growing your portfolio and brand. Front row seats to see how Jessica shoots, curates and edits.  Hands on creative exploration in other mediums to continue exploring your own creativity. 

Finally, bringing all you've learned to shoot 3 stunning modern bridal and authentic lifestyle editorial shoots. 

We can't wait to meet you and walk with you on your journey. 


Partnering with me to make this a reality: